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Tao Muran carbon ceramic tile ten warm support

Investment analysis to assist you to make accurate investment analysis, submitted to you to invest in the overall budget and feasibility analysis report.

Brand support to all agents and distribution Tao brand PROMO CD, wooden product manual instruction text or electronic data.

Direct manufacturers selling ceramic carbon ceramic tile products are wooden floor heating for the factory, to maximize the profit of agents.

Advertising support with well-known media publicity, and in the national well-known television, newspapers, networks and other media advertising.

Dynamic support in a timely manner to sum up the sales activities of agents at all levels of experience, to provide you with promotional activities, and to guide the activities.

Technical support for the company to provide free training of product installation and maintenance personnel, to provide large-scale projects, home improvement project technical support guidance.

After sales support service center customer service center and customer service phone, timely understanding of the problems encountered in the operation of the operator.

Distribution support company to establish a special ordering system, according to the requirements of the implementation of the agents to implement logistics and distribution, to achieve network management.

Regional protection for the strict implementation of the regional protection of the District, agents have a new market to open up the agency's priority, renewal priority.

Advisory support will provide the latest information and technology to provide the most cutting-edge products and technical support for all levels of agents.

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