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Brand proposition:

      ①, harmonious natural space environment.

      ②, environmentally healthy lifestyle.

      ③, the realm of freedom of the mind.

Brand Positioning:

      "Nature comfortable Tao callous" to convey the meaning that Tao woodenly natural characteristics of the product, free space and feel comfortable, low-carbon green living together as one of the "harmonious living" Thought.

      Full of natural imagery of "Tao callous" brand, not only in the product of creative inspiration, the rich natural environment of ideas; more expression in the modern city life, looking eager to release the soul of space and a sense of social responsibility, willing to share weal and woe in life contribute to environmental protection for the people have a choice.

      When urban civilization a natural barrier unintentionally poetic, sensual blurred gradually spread to every living space, people desire from increasingly limited and precious natural scene, access to the ease of mind, to be free daydreams out of sight. Tao woodenly followed the creative context, presented in the product, it is a natural charm cohesion; show in space, is a natural simple return.

      The magnificent nature, landscapes life concentrated in urban ecological civilization and primitive, find harmony and balance, interest accrues circulation, everything is free; gentle flow of life, people are comfortable, comfortable Tao callous nature.

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